About Us

The PillowDuvetStore represents a partnership between one of the longest standing bedding manufacturers supplying into the Uk.

We have been manufacturing bedding since 1930 and the business has withstood the test of time through its focus on customer care, high quality manufacturing processes and ongoing investment in technology.

Our Duvet, Pillow and Mattress protection ranges bearing the brand names such as Dunlopillo and Neuhaus, continue this long tradition of quality bedding products, providing luxurious comfort and the perfect night’s sleep.

This site is a natural extension of our commitment to customer service and it has been designed to offer shoppers an efficient and convenient way to buy luxurious bedding at competitive prices. Home delivery is particularly handy for duvets and pillows, which are bulky and difficult to carry. Why go through the hassle of lugging new bedding around the shops when you can simply buy these items from the luxury of your own home and have delivered direct to your door?

You can also have absolute confidence that the products you are buying have been manufactured in an ethical manner.

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer!